Real Issues, Real Solutions, Real Results

In today’s challenging economic environment, it is more important than ever to address the issues that matter most to your customers. Now is the time to pay close attention to their changing behaviors and react appropriately.

In fact, a new report from Forrester Research shows that customer experience is closely tied to customer loyalty, and that the correlation between the two has increased since last year.

Bruce Temkin, VP and principal analyst at Forrester pointed out that, “when times are good, consumers just continue on their merry way, but in this economic environment, every purchase they make, every service interaction they have is a large portion of what they care about. They’re more emotional about everything and, therefore, a bad experience resonates even more negatively.”

Without analytics and research, you miss out on valuable information which can make or break the relationship you have with your customers.

Once you understand the challenges facing your customers, you can offer real solutions to address these issues and make their lives easier. In return, you will foster brand loyalty and generate real results and ROI.

What do you think? How can focusing on customer’s real issues and problems help a brand’s business?


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  1. This is interesting and rings true. Consumers are less forgiving when the stakes are higher and why shouldn’t they be — in these times, they want, rather, NEED, their money to go “further”. Now more than ever businesses need to understand their consumers’ behavior and deliver on all fronts.

  2. The economy is at an inflection point, driven by the fact that consumers are at an inflection point, and are 70% of the economy. Consumers are more conscious of the dollar, and more aware of its value (or de-value depending on who you talk to). They value it more, and are more careful about when and how they spend those dollars. The consumers perception of the value of money has increased.

    Along with roi, I think you can look at lifetime value. Companies who can provide great experiences now, can take share from their competition, get customers sooner, and more loyal ones at that. Bringing in more LTV sooner will will increase roi and impact the bottom line. Identifying these changes in behavior is the way to do that. Analytics and research insights are the road to leveraging this behavior change.

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  4. The relationship between customer loyalty and the customer experience is THE element of difference -given all other things being equal — let’s assume that price -quality/value -location and selection are all equal ,what will make a customer drive past one store and go to another – the answer is the user experience and the level of ownership the user has vested in wanting this organization to be successful. So if the difference is the experience -how do you develope a consumer experience that drives THIS TYPE OF LOYALTY 1] In every transaction there are a limited number of behaviorial elements that must go right everytime and 2] with the arrivial of the new social technoligies organizations must embrace the idea that they listen to the customers as never before – This is not a once in while survey — this is a 24/7/352 belief that when they want to tell you — you need to be listening — so this is a time where LISTENING and CONSISTENT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE -ARE THE DIFFERENCE jkb

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