RAC Recap

Not surprisingly, the 2009 Retail Advertising Conference was a huge success. This year, the conference was held in Las Vegas for the first time ever. (Unfortunately for me, Las Vegas was only slightly warmer than Chicago last week). It was great to experience the event amid new scenery.

The change in setting was not the only new element of this year’s RAC conference. The topic that was on everybody’s minds was the issue of the current economy. While this is not the first time that belt-tightening and poor sales have played a part in marketing decisions, it is clear that our challenging economic situation has changed more than just the size of our budgets.

However, I found it extremely encouraging that despite the troubling economy, 400 plus people attended this year’s RAC conference. This shows that the retail industry is still going strong and – more importantly – that we recognize the benefit of learning from each other.

Several presenters did a great job of speaking to the new world we are living in and how to navigate these changes. Brad Davis spoke about the future of energy and the changing ways that people will consume energy in coming years. His passion was truly inspiring. Mike Boylson also discussed the changing consumer in his discussion of Marketing 2.0. His presentation about new media and the next generation of shoppers was spot on. In fact, every session that I had the pleasure of attending was incredibly insightful. I left the conference with fresh perspectives and a more encouraged outlook on the months ahead.

Bravo, RAC presenters and attendees! See you again next year.

To those of you who were also in attendance, what were some of your favorite discussions?


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  1. I was at the conference as well and while I was mostly working back stage, I was completely inspired by Burt Jacobs and the simplicity of his presentation. Simple concepts executed with passion are truly impactful.

  2. Thanks, Jonathan. I agree. My philosophy is – make it simple and keep it simple. Passion becomes easy when you are championing a simple yet powerful idea.


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