A New Beginning…

On July 1, I left a wonderful team and organization at Euro RSCG, where I spent the last six years, helping to rebuild the Chicago agency and then creating and building a successful digital, data and analytics company – Euro RSCG Discovery.

I am going to lead an independent agency owned by Lake Capital, a Chicago-based Private Equity firm.

The opportunity at Solution Set (fourth largest independent digital, data and direct marketing agency in the US) is the right next step for me on my professional journey.  It is an opportunity to continue my entrepreneurial ways in an independent environment.

People who know me, know that I like to create, build, innovate… all in the spirit of finding newer and more effective ways to build brands and businesses.  It is these impulses that are propelling me.  To have the opportunity to be part of another team, to build another franchise and bring an idea to life.  To do all this in an environment and a team of professionals that share the same vision and passion.

Personally, an opportunity to jump into the deep end and see if I can get to the distant shore.  To climb another mountain.  The metaphors are commonplace.  The excitement and anticipation are not!

Another new beginning… began a few days ago.

I am excited, apprehensive and psyched.  I’ll post on how I feel a few weeks from now.

Until then…


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6 replies

  1. Congrats, Zain! Sounds like a great challenge.

  2. Thanks, Mark. It’s been a fun couple of weeks. Let’s connect soon.

  3. Zain, Congratulations on your new opportunity.

    It is always good to take on new opportunity and new challenges.

    Ron J.

  4. Zain – Congrats on the move. Just got word of it. Sounds like a great challenge and opportunity for you. I hope Jeff and the team over there know what they’re in for!

    It’s been a while since our meeting in your office. Things are moving fast here as well and I’d love to catch up again soon.

    Thanks, Jay

    • Hi Jay,

      Thanks. It has been a Ron of fun so far. Fantastic talent at the firm. Would love to reconnect. Let’s find some time soon.


      • Great Zain. I live about 3 blocks from your office (on Superior and Hudson). Should I call your office to set something up or is there someone I should email? I look forward to catching up.


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